The Blockheat Power Plants

The technology

Block heat and power plants are compact plants for producing heat and cold and electricity. They work according to the principle of the combined heat and power. By burning cold-pressed vegetable oils electrical energy and thermal heat are produced. Block heat and power plants are unbeatable as far as flexibility and mobility are concerned because of their container shape. They are delivered ready for connection and they only need a solid base to stand on on site. Due to their mobility and their modular assembly the container block heat and power plants can easily be adjusted to changing conditions.

Our block heat and power plants are convincing because of:

Uses for our plants:

Technical data BIOCONVERTER A150

The whole system complies with guidelines for connection and parallel use of customer generation plants on the low voltage grid.

Underwriting risk (Insurance)

The block heat and power plants can be insured against all underwriting risks.


An early warning system is used in order to find possible faults early enough to be able to react and take immediate targeted action. Professionally trained specialists with years of experience in the area of electricity, regulation and engine technology are continuously trained to be kept up to date with this task. We do not only provide all the necessary materials from oil through to fuel filters we also dispose of them in a professional way.

Online remote supervision

This supervision measures the smallest parameter discrepancies and reports them online to our control centre. The programming of the equipment can be checked out from here and dealt with. The history of the power plants also shows if preventative machine maintenance measures must be carried out.

24h Service

If there is a complete breakdown of the plant we are in a position to deliver a replacement block heat and power plant within 24 hours.