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The extraction of oil from waste

The technology

Polymers are prepared by polymerization of monomers. In raw material recycling the bonds between the individual chain links are chemically or physically dissolved and the original product is obtained back. For plastic waste and mixtures procedures were developed that make it possible again to come back to the basic material from which they arose; crude oil. In 2009, 17 million tons of plastic were produced in Germany and this industry is growing. There are many ways to take advantage of these plastics.

Since the 80s, there were, i.E. at the University of Tübingen and later in Switzerland, experiments, that have demonstrated that plastic waste can be used for the production of diesel fuel oil, or similar compounds by thermal-catalytic degradation under exclusion of air. The key factors of rising crude oil prices and a heightened environmental awareness have ultimately led to a stronger material use of plastic waste by more and more scientists and the economy. It is since 01 June 2005 no longer permitted, to dicard of plastic waste on landfills.

Since in the process of thermal-catalytic degradation under exclusion of air waste heat occurs, and using this waste heat becomes necessary from a standpoint of environmental protection and technical efficiency. There are several ways to use the waste heat:

For this use of heat the exhaust gas is passed through a heat exchanger which heats the cooling medium and passes it further to were it is used, or it is used as an absorber for cooling.

Conversion with the following starting materials::

Underwriting risk (Insurance)

The block heat and power plants can be insured against all underwriting risks.


An early warning system is used in order to find possible faults early enough to be able to react and take immediate targeted action. Professionally trained specialists with years of experience in the area of electricity, regulation and engine technology are continuously trained to be kept up to date with this task.

Online remote supervision

This supervision measures the smallest parameter discrepancies and reports them online to our control centre. The programming of the equipment can be checked out from here and dealt with. The history of the power plants also shows if preventative machine maintenance measures must be carried out.