Renewable energy sources act
This provides a legal basis for profitability through use of power input (in relation to the EEC)
On top of the basic returns there is also:

The bonus for renewable raw materials

if electricity is exclusively produced from plants or elements of plants which are grown on farms or in forests or market gardens or within the framework of landscape conservation and/or from sludge or liquid manure. In addition the plants used must not have been modified. Slight modifications such as conservation, preparation for harvest or use in biomass plants are acceptable.

Bonus for combined heat and power generation

The minimum return continues to increase as long as we are dealing with electricity under the combined heat and power generation act and counts when electricity and heat are produced at the same time.


A user of a bio-generating plant can reckon with the following subsidy fixed for 20 years.

Subsidy for 2008: 18,9 ct ( up to 150 kW )

From 2009 this increases for plants up to 150kw to 20.10 cents per kwh.
(current available draft of the act. Law not yet passed)