Biocon Energy GmbH is involved in the planning, design, production, research and development, electrical and electronic engineering of plants for recycling, reuse and conversion of waste of any kind into usable products.

This concerns for example the following types of waste:

The most important product is the plant for the conversion of waste into a high-quality, energy-rich middle distillate, which consists mainly of the main component diesel, as well as kerosene, gasoline and aromatics. In particular, all previously non-recyclable hydrocarbon-containing residues can be recovered in terms of value.

The plant thus enables the catalytic transformation of waste into oil. This creates a sustainable closed cycle from the raw product oil to plastic and after use back to oil (cradle-to-cradle).

Biocon is thus the partner for projects that require a sustainable, economically viable and complete solution to avoid environmental problems in waste disposal.
The oil produced by the plant avoids alternative disposal costs for the waste or prevents environmental pollution and also makes a positive contribution to the environment in terms of CO2 emissions, as less new oil is required in the same quantity. Furthermore, no other product has such a high calorific value and is as easy to store as the middle distillate.