For the oiling technology according to the CDS process, various patents have been registered for different parts of the process. Currently another one is in the application phase, several new ones are in preparation.

Some persons or companies claim to own the rights to sell the CDS-technology. Please note that all rights concerning a plant according to the CDS-system are exclusively with us. Therefore, should you be contacted by persons claiming to own the rights to sell CDS-systems or to produce and distribute copies, we would appreciate if you would inform us about this.

Unfortunately, there are also various companies that offer non-functioning oiling systems. These damage not only the image of the oiling process but also the environment, as they prevent or at least delay investments in functioning technologies. Therefore, check particularly well which supplier you really trust if you are interested and have the process demonstrated on a plant. Often only pyrolysis takes place, the plant does not work economically and/or the output oil is of inferior quality.

For the distribution we work internationally with different partners. Just ask us if you are interested in a certain country. In German-speaking countries we are also planning our own plants. Investor inquiries are welcome.